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Keren Yosef purchased and distributed pulse oximeters to EMTs, paramedics and physicians as the need arose, especially since pulse-oximeters are not standardly provided to emergency responders due to cost issues.

This machine is a useful tool in emergency medicine as it informs the caregiver when there is a decrease in the patient’s blood oxygen levels, which might be an indication of a serious problem with a patient’s breathing or oxygenation, and allow them to promptly correct the problem.


What is a pulse oximeter?

Pulse-oximeters are portable machines which enable medical personnel to determine the level of oxygen in a patient’s bloodstream.


“We received an emergency call to a work-related accident in an industrial zone in the Beit Shemesh area and upon arrival, found a young man who had lost control over the metal-cutting disc he had been using – the machine hit him in the stomach and injured him badly.

We stopped the external bleeding and gave him an IV to treat potential shock, using the BLS equipment that was donated to us by Keren Yosef. As we waited for transport, we measured his blood pressure and checked his oxygen levels with the pulse-oximeter, also donated by Keren Yosef. The oxygen levels were very low, something we hadn’t been expecting because there wasn’t any obvious shortness of breath. Nevertheless, this pointed to the direction of possible lung injury and we gave oxygen and treated accordingly.

After being evacuated by ambulance to the nearest trauma center it was confirmed that the disc had indeed injured one of his lungs, and he was hospitalized for several days and treated accordingly before being released home.”

-M.K., Tzevet Hatzalah, Beit Shemesh

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