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A burn is a type of injury that continues to develop even after the source of heat that caused the burn has been removed. This causes continuing skin damage and tremendous pain.


While emergency providers responding to emergency calls involving burns try to cool the burn to minimize damage and control pain, there is little they can do en route to the hospital as running water is not available in ambulances.

While Burnshields help tremendously with cooling the burn, slowing down tissue damage and minimizing pain, these special bandages are not standardly provided to them due to high cost issues.

Keren Yosef distributes Burnshield dressings to first responders for emergency use in burn injuries.

What is a Burnshield?

Burnshield dressings are special bandages developed especially for emergency use for burns.

The Burnshield dressing contain specially formulated water-based gel that is anti-microbial and which have the tremendous ability to absorb and dissipate heat from the burn providing immediate relief, minimizing shock and skin damage, halting the burn process and physically protecting the burned area from contamination.

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Burn shield bags
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