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Every year, infants and small children lose their lives after being forgotten in the car on a hot summers day.

It could happen to anyone. No one is immune to moments of distraction; and even the most responsible parents could find themselves living a nightmare because of that moment of distraction.

Keren Yosef has set up campaigns to promote awareness to prevent such terrible tragedies.

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Keren Yosef sells the special "forget-me-not" infant car alarm to the general public.

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Dinah's story

"I was running errands when I parked my car in the Merkaz of RBS A.  I had made up to meet up with a friend while I was out, and we ended up meeting in front of a store. 

She looked at me strangely as we entered the store. "I thought you were going to come with your baby?" she half asked as we walked. 


I froze suddenly, trying to remember where he was. 

Not next to me, not at home, not with the babysitter- no. Not. THE CAR!


I didn't even have a chance to answer or explain anything. 

I dashed across the merkaz faster than I'd ever run before. 

My car appeared in view, the sun's rays shining on it. 

I couldn't breathe. 

Would my baby be okay? 

How could I have forgotten him in the car?

It couldn't be. 

Not me. 



Can't be!


Baruch Hashem, he was okay. We're all okay, aside from the trauma of the ordeal. 


I keep going back to the scene in my mind. Musing how if it happened just a little earlier in the day, and for just a while longer- this story could have had a very different ending.


I implore you all- please don't wait until chas veshalom it's too late. 


Get a device or make some other plan. Do the necessary hishtadlus. Whatever it takes- just don't wait.  There are things in life that we decide to push off - but when it comes to our children's lives, we don't wait.


Leaving a child in the car isn't about being a bad parent (as I used to assume it was for "those parents who are irresponsible")

If these words can help even one person avoid the scenario that almost happened to me, it's well worth the effort. 

I don't wish this story on anyone. 

I beg you- please don't allow it to be yours too".

-Yisrael Yisraeli, EMT

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