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Israel is blessed with many children. Many women call for the assistance of an ambulance at the onset of labor, but for some labor is so quick that there is no time to transport her to the hospital for the delivery. This is especially common in the suburbs. In some cases, the birth occurs at home before the arrival of an ambulance and as such, an obstetric kit is an essential tool for the first-responder in these situations.

Keren Yosef has donated obstetric kits to EMTs, paramedics, midwives and nurses who might be called upon to assist a woman in childbirth outside the hospital setting.

What is an obstetric kit?

An obstetric kit is a complete birth kit that contains all that is needed to help deliver babies in emergency situations including essential items a pre-hospital delivery may require; it enables the arriving emergency provider to assist with the delivery with all the necessary items, from preparing a clean immediate environment to the use of sterile equipment.

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