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Israel’s fire and rescue services respond to many types of emergencies including fires, car accidents, extrications, complicated access to the victims unable to reach emergency medical services, HAZMAT situations, search-and-rescue and many other types of rescue missions.

Keren Yosef donated a mobile tactical headquarters unit (Chapak) which allows the chain of commandment on-site management of complex situations.

What is a mobile tactical HQ response unit?

​A mobile tactical headquarters response unit is a specially built truck or van which contains the space and technology needed to manage a complex situation on-site. This includes sophisticated computerized systems and a control center, direct communication with operating units and with other emergency services and more. The operation can take place inside the van or besides it, and it is especially built to withstand difficult terrain for many hours.

KY donated chapak to the fire services 1
KY donated chapak to the fire services
KY donated chapak to the fire services 3

"The mobile tactical headquarters has been a key player in many major rescue events and made all the difference in running them smoothly and efficiently"

-Natan Sultan, firefiighter

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