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Keren Yosef distributes Burnshield dressings to special community resources and makes them readily available for purchase at cost prices.

Burnshield dressings are special bandages developed especially for emergency use for burns and are highly recommended to have in every home. These special bandages contain specially formulated water-based gel that absorbs and dissipates heat, provides immediate relief, minimizes skin damage, halts the ongoing burn process and protects the burn from contamination.

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"When I received a Burnshield kit from Keren Yosef many years ago as an EMS volunteer, little did I realize how it would help me personally.

We hosted a family barbeque, and for safety measure I hired a babysitter specifically for my three-year-old son who was highly active, to keep him occupied away from the grill. It was in a moment that my little boy darted outside and headed straight to the barbecue at the same instant that a very hot coal fell out of the bin – directly on to my little boy’s leg.

Hearing his screams, I ran over. It was a very bad local burn, and I immediately began treating it with cool water as I sent someone to get my emergency medical kit and the Burnshield kit from the bag. The Burnshield had an immediate calming effect on my son, as his pain reduced significantly. A friend who is an emergency room physician came over and together we continued care. The burn required continuous care on a daily basis for a while, at the end of which we were referred to a plastic surgeon to check if a skin-graft would be needed.

He (the plastic surgeon) told us that it had been close, but the high quality care that my son had got, especially in the first moments after the burn, minimized the injury and that thankfully, no skin graft was needed.

My son is now nearly an adult and the scarring is very minimal. I am so grateful to Keren Yosef for the Burnshield they provided me, and now I advocate that everyone have one at home. Thank you, Keren Yosef!"

-Tova, EMT, Efrat

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