FOUNDER: £5,000 / $7,000 / 22,000 NIS


       PATRON:   £1,200 / $1,800 / 5,000 NIS


If you would like to dedicate a a room in the mobile safety center, a special prop or a safety program, please see the listed options below:

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Mobile Safety Center Rooms

You can choose to donate a specific area within the trailer or adjoining it. Your dedication includes the trailer purchase as well as the design, furnishing, simulated settings, integrated props and simulation systems


Click to view the rooms and designated areas dedication opportunities

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Specialized Props

You can donate a specialized prop used for enhancing the simulation learning experience.

Props are developed especially according to the needs of the safety centre.

Click to view the specialized props dedication opportunities

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Safety Center Programs

The mobile safety centre offers different programs for a wide variety of groups, focusing on relevant ages and roles.

Click to view the safety programs dedication opportunities

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