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The Refresher CD for the EMT is the product of a joint effort by Keren Yosef and Magen David Adom. This unique CD, the first of its kind in Israel, contains a digital summary of the contents of the Emergency Medical Technician course as taught by Magen David Adom. Its purpose is to assist emergency medical personnel to update and refresh their knowledge.

The CD was initiated and written by Tova Cern, author of Israel’s leading EMT textbook. The medical contents were reviewed and edited various professionals headed by Dan Pharchi z”l, the legendary senior MDA paramedic formerly the supervising paramedic of Jerusalem District. The production and execution of the refresher CD were managed by Boaz Cern.

The Refresher CD was distributed in over 4000 copies to volunteer EMTs by Magen David Adom Volunteer headquarters (MAPA).

What is the EMT refresher CD?

​In this interactive CD, various methods are used to teach and illustrate, including:

  • Summarized text

  • Realistic original photographs

  • Video clips

  • Self-test review questions

       and other features.

The topics covered include CPR, medical emergencies, trauma, childbirth, environmental emergencies, and more.



"The CD is a fantastic way to quickly review the material before the beginning of a shift. I particularly appreciate the video clips that give quick practical reminders"

-Boruch M., EMT

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